Matteo Salvini, the League takes Sicily without voting: first historic group at Ars, towards the reshuffle


In late December Matteo Salvini had announced the imminent birth of a parliamentary group of the League all ‘Ars (Sicilian regional assembly). Today, from Palazzo dei Normanni, confirmation arrives: for the first time in history the League lands in Sicily with its parliamentary grouping. The mediation work between the national summits and the regional deputies conducted by the Ragusan deputy was fundamental Antonio Minardo, the former Forza Italia moved to the Carroccio in early December. The new group, confirms the commissioner of the League for Sicily, Stefano Candiani, will support the Musumeci presidency. The latter thinks of a reshuffle of the councilors, to recognize the new group an appropriate decision weight.

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President In the Musumeci is reflecting on the possibility of assigning a councilorship to one of the four deputies of the new League group. These are Orazio Ragusa (ex Forza Italia), Marianna Caronia (ex mixed), Giovanni Bulla (ex Udc) and Antonio Catalfamo (ex Fdi), group leader and principal suspect for the role of assessor.

Source: Vista Agency / Alexander Jakhnagiev


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