Matera, the nursery school of horrors. Slaps, screams and punishments to children: terrified even at home


Scolded scolding reproaches hitting the rod the chair to the scream “order and discipline”, pupils yanked and offended with epithets of all kinds, threatened, taken by the ears and forcefully placed with their faces against the wall or with their heads on the bench, striking them slaps also with two hands. These are just some of the daily psycho-physical harassment suffered by at least 7 of the sixteen young pupils of the “Greco” nursery school in the San Pardo district of Matera that the Police Local state documented.

The agents have implemented an application order of the interdictive measure of prohibition to exercise professional activities for six months, issued by the judge for preliminary investigations, against a 64-year-old teacher from Matera. The woman is accused of the crime of mistreatment, aggravated by having committed the offense against minors.

The existence of “repeated conduct of physical and moral violence “, was attested through environmental audio-video interceptions, which highlighted “the inability to sometimes contain even the exuberance of children, with normal educational means”, but resorting to‘” Use of violence with an angry and angry attitude “.

Behaviors that would have weighed on the psycho-physical integrity of all the little pupils who even when they were at their homes instinctively “posed the hands in front of the face” even when a parent approached to give a caress or a kiss“. The children were so intimidated that, if they saw drops of water on the ground at home, they hurried to dry, fearing the consequences.

The investigations will be thorough to clarify why the teacher’s behavior was not reported directly to school: among the people who will be questioned is the other teacher in the class.


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