Leaked user information from the Paybox app


Information from users of the convenient money transfer app is leaked. What exactly happened there and what should you do?

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The PayBox app, one of the most popular payment apps in Israel, updated its users this morning that it had detected a malfunction on a newly installed server, but stressed that “the malfunction was fully fixed just hours after it was discovered and the app is safe to use.” However, the company did not reveal exact details of the leak or what kind of information was disclosed.

It is unclear what really happened

In a PayBox statement this morning, the company revealed that it had detected a “new server” malfunction. According to the announcement, the bug was fully fixed a few hours after it was discovered and the app is now “safe to use”. However, Fibooks notes in the message that the malfunction has led to leakage of partial user information.

It is not yet clear what information is leaked, but the company emphasizes that this is not information that can cause users financial harm. That is, it may be information such as nicknames, group names, and financial amounts of transfers you made, but not the bank account or credit information to which your account is linked.

However, PayBox notes that the next time users log in to the app, they will need to enter a phone number to get a one-time password that will allow them to reconnect. Of course, the smartest solution would be to update the new password for the new one.

We have contacted PayBox and Discount Bank for a response, we will update as soon as it is received.

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Full email form sent to users:


We wanted to let you know that we have detected a new server failure. The malfunction was fully repaired just hours after it was discovered and the app is safe to use.

Unfortunately, due to the malfunction, partial user information leaked. After a thorough and in-depth examination, we can say that the information disclosed included some of the information available in the app, but it did not include information that may be used to harm you.

As a safeguard and security measure, at the next application sign-in we will ask you to enter a phone number and a one-time password will be sent to you via SMS.

We are very sorry for the incident and do everything to deserve your trust. We are committed to extracting the lessons learned to prevent such a case from happening again.

We invite you to contact the PayBox hotline for any questions.

PayBox team


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