leak release date, price and presentation


A leak that has emerged in the last few hours seems to reveal numerous details about PlayStation 5 including the presentation and launch date, as well as the price for the main markets. Let’s find out together, reiterating how many of the following are to be taken with due precautions pending confirmation or denial.

The leak was born on 4Chan and spread later on forums such as ResetERA and other more or less known sources, in any case there are many doubts, and all legitimate. According to reports, the console will be presented on February 5 during a special PlayStation Meeting organized in New York, a real press event to announce the design, technical specifications and the first PS5 games to the world. During the show Sony should focus on fast uploads, modular installations and Cloud support.

Always according to the mysterious source, PS5 will have a power equal to 10 TeraFLOPS with specifications comparable to those of the Xbox Series X, the launch would be scheduled for October 2020 at the price of 449 euros in Europe with a single model available, apparently without bundles or variants of any kind.

Note how the leak refers to Sony participation in E3 2020, however, denied by yesterday’s announcement. We report everything for the record.


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