LAST MINUTE NEWS: Law proposal extending the authority of the guards passed the commission


Breaking news! The Bazaar and Neighborhood Keepers Law Proposal, which includes regulations such as aid to the public, the duty of asking identity from citizens and the provision of judicial duties to the bazaar and neighborhood guards, was accepted by the Parliament’s Internal Affairs Commission.

The proposal aims to regulate the principles regarding the conditions sought for those who will be employed as bazaar and neighborhood watchmen, the appointment and candidacy processes of the bazaar and neighborhood guards, their duties and powers and the way they work.

As an armed law enforcement agency, bazaar and neighborhood guards will be employed within the police and gendarmerie agencies to assist the general law enforcement officers.

Supervisors of the bazaar and neighborhood guards employed in the police and gendarmerie organizations will be identified within the occupational hierarchy.

Those who will be employed as a bazaar and neighborhood guard will have to have special conditions such as education, age, health and physical competence set by the regulations issued by the Ministry of Interior and the general conditions listed in the Civil Servants Law.

In order to be employed as a bazaar and neighborhood guard, it will be required to be successful in the entrance exam to be held in accordance with the procedures and principles set by the Ministry of Interior.

Those who are successful in the exams and who have not been found to have a disease or disability that will prevent their duties, will be appointed to the police or gendarmerie organizations as candidate civil servants with the approval of the Minister of the Interior.

The candidacy period of bazaar and neighborhood guards cannot be less than 1 year and more than 2 years. Those who are successful in the basic and preparatory trainings given during the candidacy period will be appointed in person. Those who fail in each of the basic and preparatory education circuits during the candidacy period and those whose absences are incompatible with the civil service in their candidacy period and their absences, and those who have been sentenced to cease progression from their monthly or progress to the office will be dismissed with the approval of the Ministry of Interior.

The bazaar and neighborhood guards will ensure the public’s rest, health and well-being within the boundaries of the property they are assigned to.

The guards will help those who are ill, suffer, fall and fall in need, and who are in need of assistance in general, will deliver women and children, orphans, the disabled and the helpless, to the closest general law enforcement units who are considered to need help, who are at risk of abuse or violence, abuse. .

The guards, who will provide the necessary information to the applicants to ask for a district, place, road or street, will primarily fulfill those who are within the power of the help requests to be made due to important, hasty situations such as birth, death, illness, accident, fire or disaster.

The guards, who are tasked with warning the residents immediately in disasters such as fire and flooding, which will pose a great danger, will take people away from the area to prevent damage to an animal that threatens public health and safety, and inform the relevant general police and municipality about the situation.


Bazaar and neighborhood keepers; Prevention of demonstrations, marches and confusions that will carry out patrol services in the region where they are assigned, complete the measures taken by the owners in the protection of goods such as residences, workplaces and vehicles within the duty zones, inform the general law enforcement units to which they are connected, and disrupt the public order. will take preventive measures until the general law enforcement agencies arrive.

The guards who will inform the general law enforcement units where the drugs are suspected of being manufactured, sold or used, gambling or prostitution will prevent those who disrupt the rest and rest of the people and disturb the traffic and obstruct vehicles and other obstacles that obstruct the traffic. will be removed.

Market and neighborhood guards, people and their vehicles, but limited to their duty area and working hours; to prevent the perpetration of a crime or misdemeanor, to ensure that the perpetrators who have escaped after the crime has been captured, to identify the perpetrators of the perpetrators of the crime or misdemeanors, to identify people who have been ordered to arrest or forcibly, or to the public in terms of their life, body integrity or property will be able to stop to prevent an existing or potential danger.


A reasonable reason will have to be found in order to use the power to stop. It will not be possible to stop it in a way that will provide continuity and create an actual situation and arbitrariness.

While the bazaar and neighborhood keeper shows the document that determines that he is the bazaar and neighborhood keeper while performing his duty, he / she will be able to inform the person he has stopped, ask questions about the reason for stopping, and ask for other documents to be submitted. These people will be shown the necessary convenience in proving their identity. General law enforcement officers will be immediately informed about the absence of a document, refraining from making an explanation or making a false statement or by identifying an undetermined person.

The stopping time shall not be more than the reasonable time required to perform the operation that is the basis for the stopping reason. With the disappearance of the reason for stopping, people and vehicles will be allowed to leave.

The guards will be able to take the necessary measures, including manual control, to prevent damage to himself or others, if there is sufficient suspicion that there is a weapon or other hazardous item on the person or vehicle he has stopped. For this purpose, it will not be desired to remove the dress on the person or to open the parts of the vehicle that are not visible when viewed from the outside.

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