Juventus transfer market, Dybala shock: sensational news from Spain!


The latest Juventus transfer market highlights a sensational indiscretion from Spain concerning the present and future of a big black and white

transfer market juventus dybala ronaldo sarri real madrid
Juventus, a big meditates goodbye (Getty Images)

Do not feel like D’Annunzio, but the one obtained by Juventus at the Olimpico against the Rome we could call it a ‘mutilated’ victory. Mutilated primarily because of the injury reported by Demiral, specifically a lesion of the anterior cruciate ligament with associated meniscal injury that prematurely closes the season of the Turkish defender ex Sassuolo, author shortly before finishing knockout of the momentary one to zero and who for weeks had become a title holder of the defense at the expense of the super paid de Ligt.

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Juventus transfer market, what a clash with Sarri! The big meditates the farewell

transfer market juventus dybala ronaldo sarri real madrid
Juventus, a big meditates goodbye (Getty Images)

The victory with Roma is also mutilated because, according to the latest sensational rumors of ‘Don Balon’, it would sanction the break up to Sunday unpredictable between Maurizio Sarri and Paulo Dybala. Galeotta was the replacement of the striker with Higuain after Perotti’s penalty goal which in fact reopened the match between the black and white and the yellow and red.

We are at about the 23rd minute of the second half, the Argentine is playing an excellent game and perhaps for this reason he takes the change of the technician in the worst possible way, to which he probably addresses very ‘strong’ words – but covering hands – when leaving the field.

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Sarri pretends nothing, not even approaching him and in the post Roma-Juve ‘burst’ trying to make believe that he did not take it out for the furious reaction of the class ’93, however, he relaunched it after a horrible year and at the end of a summer market in which Guild has tried in every possible way to get rid of it.

“I can not care less than what he said – the words of the Juventus coach who then concludes the intervention by throwing an arrow at number 10 of Laguna Larga – I was thinking of other things, it is difficult to see a player who comes out happy from the field. It’s part of the game, now I hope it brings your anger on the field. ” According to the Spanish portal, behind the nervousness of Dybala there would also be the return from the protagonist to the sound of goals (10 in the last 7 games) of Cristiano Ronaldo that would risk – if he has not already done so – to put it back into the shadows.

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Juventus transfer market, Dybala offers itself to the top club

transfer market juventus dybala sarri ronaldo real madrid
Paulo Dybala (Getty Images)

For ‘Don Balon’ Dybala would be meditating farewell to Juventus. The Argentine’s goal would be to move to real Madrid, to whom he would have submitted his candidacy a little less than a year after his first attempt with a call to the president of the ‘Merengues’ Florentino Perez.

At the Madrid club, which will revolutionize even if not above all the attack next summer, such a player could be comfortable and for whom he would most likely not find great opposition from the ‘Old Lady’. The 26-year-old card, estimated by Zidane but much more from Pochettino who is one of the candidates to replace the French (in discussion for a while) in June, can count today on 80 million euros, a figure definitely within the reach of the ‘Blancos’.

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