“I’ve been dreaming of AC Milan for years. Number 24? My dad’s advice”


Simon Kjaer, a new purchase to reinforce the Rossoneri defense, spoke to the microphones of Milan TVHere are the words of the former Atalanta center to the club’s official channel.

About Milan: “It is a historical club, in which some of the strongest champions in the history of football have played. Here were perhaps the strongest central defenders ever: Maldini, Nesta and Baresi. Milan was a dream for me for many years and I’m finally here, I chose the Rossoneri for this reason “.

On the AC Milan footballer he is inspired by: “Maldini”.

On the Danish players who dressed the Rossoneri: “I spoke to Tomasson a week ago and he has always spoken well to me about Milan and Milan”.

On scoring often on punishment: “In my opinion it is a skill that you either have or you don’t have: I have it and therefore I train it. In some teams where I played a shooter was missing and then I trained to become a holder. I don’t have to shoot for come on, if there is a shooter who scores, that’s fine. If he’s missing, I’m there. ”

On how the Serie A championship has changed: “Now strong players have returned to Serie A and the Italian teams are doing better in Europe. It is no longer a football made up of closed teams and restarts, now there is a faster and more modern game”.

On the goal in red and black jersey: “Bring AC Milan as high as possible. Here there are many young people and many players with such quality. I came here, where there is an interesting project. I am only on loan, but I hope I can earn the renewal and be able to do the best for Milan “.

On the number 4 that often occurs in the shirts worn: “I started in Denmark with the 4 and it is the same number that my father wore when he played. Every time I always tried to play with this number, if it was not available I looked for the next available one: 14, 24, 34 and so on. In this case there were 14 and 24 available, but my father recommended me 24 because it is the number with which I started in Italy. Hopefully it is the number with which we will end up in Italy “.

On what it means to be captain of Denmark: “A difficult thing to explain in terms of emotions. It’s an honor for me”

About how he is physically: “Very well. I know 100% that I trained a lot and physically I’m at the top. I’m ready”.

On Ibrahimovic: “He doesn’t need me or any other person in football to say how strong he is. Everyone knows that even at 38, despite not having the same physique as 10 years ago, he is still strong. Even with the Cagliari has seen how it makes the difference and is the reason why AC Milan took it “.



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