Information leaked from the Paybox payment app: “No money for users”


In the last few minutes, the Paybox payment app reported to its customers partial information leaked from the app following a malfunction in the installation of a new server. That’s how the Calcalist learned.

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Leaked information (illustration) Leaked information (illustration) Photo: Paybox

Paybox emphasized to customers that the leaked information did not include information that its use could cause users financial harm and that the app was safe to use. It is estimated that the information leaked includes details such as some user aliases, group names, phone numbers, and the like.

Paybox is owned by Discount Bank, but is managed by separate systems from the Bank.

The message sent from Paybox to customers said: “The malfunction was fully fixed just hours after it was discovered and the app is safe to use.”

In a letterbox to customers, they also added: “We are very sorry for the incident and are doing everything to deserve your trust. We are committed to extracting the lessons learned to prevent such a case from happening again. ”

The Bank of Israel said: “The Bank has been updated about the information leaked event in the Paybooks payment app and is closely monitoring developments. The Bank of Israel, in consultation with the National Cyber ​​Arrangement, has instructed the Bank on additional steps to be taken. The Justice Department has also been updated. It is about the details of the event.
Our analysis shows that there is no fear of direct financial harm to the app’s customers as a result of the information revealed. The Bank of Israel continues to review the details of the event. ”

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