Health Ministry Director General warns: The point is that the virus will enter Israel


The Director General of the Ministry of Health, Moshe Bar Good Mark, announced Tuesday that The discount point In the office, there will be at least one case of the Corona virus in Israel. “When that happens, we will isolate the same patient at home or in the hospital according to his health condition and deal with it. Even if there are more cases, we will deal,” Barr said. He said, “Nothing says it is far from us and that we can move on. We are not under pressure, but we are very alert.”

Good sign bar (Photo: Noam Rabkin Fenton, Flash 90)

Tonight, Beijing authorities announced the first victim of the lung virus in the Chinese capital, which has about 21 million people. The Municipal Health Commission’s statement said the patient who died was a 50-year-old man who arrived two weeks ago from the city of Wuhan, where the virus erupted, and contracted last week. According to official data, at least 106 of the viruses have threatened to threaten Asia. The vast majority of patients, some 4,500 people, are Chinese citizens. The state health commission said they suspected that another 7,000 people had been infected and were placed in isolation until the results of the tests were obtained. Alongside this, statistics show that the disease mortality rate is 2.5% of 4,500 infected.

Treatment of swine flu in Israel in 2009 (Photo: Flash 90)

In his announcement, the CEO announcedThe Ministry of Health for establishing a heat measurement position at Ben-Gurion Airport for people who feel the symptoms of the virus. “If a person feels he has a fever then he can be examined and make a decision on his case instead,” he said. This Thursday, a special meeting of the IDF (pandemic treatment team) will be convened, in addition to the convening of the Upper Inpatient Authority. Both committees will be open for media coverage. Very good with the international health organizations. Our central labs are ready and we are ready to detect the virus in a matter of hours. We are preparing and hope that by the end of the difficult projections we will not materialize. “

Health Minister Litzman (Photo: Flash 90)

According to Bar Good, the Ministry of Finance is at high risk of the spread of the global virus, and the firm’s general accountant, Roni Hezekiah, has allocated an unlimited budget to fight the virus. “Every expense we have to spend, there is a backing of the accountant, and every call we have to make,”To the Ministry of Health. “Of course we don’t want to make unnecessary expenses but we won’t save.” He said, “We currently have money for manpower, engagement with MDA, airport operations and advertising. If we need more – we will accept. There is a clear statement from the Accountant General on the matter. They understand the matter. “

“We are all but complacent,” Bar stressed. “We assume there will be a case in the country, and there could be developments of the mutation of the virus, or a mass of the inventions of the virus outside China.” According to him, “The common feeling among health organizations is that China, unlike the SARS event, is working transparently and collaboratively with the international organizations and is making great efforts to contain the event in its territory.”

At present, there is no cure for the lung virus, and the treatments offered by health services in all countries are focused only on medical support. “The virus then has no antibiotics. There is no vaccine in the foreseeable future. Every person is suffering from his or her illness. Lowering heat in the mild cases, and some people will need help with breathing,” explained Bar Good. “There is no cure that they give, but help in places that have difficulty – like breathing.”

People wear face masks at Ben Gurion Airport (Photo: Tomer Neuberg, Flash 90)

Barr also said a good sign that the directive is that isolation should be done in the community, and not just in hospitals. If the symptoms are mild it can be at home under hygiene conditions. “He added that” to our delight, this event catches us with the drop of the flu, so we know how to deal with it. Again, it all depends on the scope, but at the moment it doesn’t seem to be something we can’t handle. “

According to him, figures show that so far 63 people have recovered from the virus “numbers that need to be taken very limited,” and that “everything is right at this moment, and do not know what will be tomorrow.”

Referring to public criticism of the ministry for not doing enough to prevent the country from returning to China from China, the CEO saidThe Ministry of Health has “no such recommendation from the World Health Organization or other airportsAnd that it is ineffective and can be harmful. “He explained:” Acmol can eliminate the problem so we do not recognize it, and some people are asymptomatic – that is, without the symptoms of the disease. There is also a incubation period of the disease – between two and 14 days. “

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