Gregoretti, will be the president Casellati to decide the date of the vote on Salvini


Decision postponed. It will be the conference of the group leaders and therefore the President of the Senate Elisabetta Casellati to decide what to do. Only tomorrow, therefore, will it be possible to know exactly whether the vote on the authorization to proceed against Matteo Salvini for the Gregoretti case will be after the regional elections or on January 20, as scheduled.

At the center of it all is a political clash, a wall against wall between opposition, which has once again abandoned the work of the Junta, and the majority. The latter is willing to postpone the vote by leveraging the fact that from 20 January, for a week, the work of the Senate has been suspended to give parliamentarians the opportunity to campaign on the territories. Therefore, tomorrow the majority will make a request, during the group leaders’ meeting, to also suspend the work of the Executive, but the president Maurizio Gasparri has repeatedly confirmed that the vote will take place. And this is why today the Bureau of the Junta ended with nothing done since the majority did not put forward the proposal for postponement, which instead will put President Casellati on the table.

The goal for Matteo Salvini’s detractors is not to give the League leader, in the middle of the election campaign, one more weapon. “The martyr’s weapon,” says an M5s senator. It is clear by now that Pd, Italia Viva and Movimento 5 Stelle will vote so that the former Interior Minister is tried for kidnapping 131 migrants on board the Gregoretti ship, thus saying yes to the request made by the court of ministers of Catania. But the problem is the date. The majority would like to leave everything pending until the vote in Emilia Romagna and Calabria, so as to avoid even harsher tones than those already used.

So much so that Salvini, from Emilia, already sends very clear messages towards the Senate: “If they send me to trial for kidnapping, I will go there with my head held high because I defended the honor of my country. The left has the vice of defeating political opponents not in the vote, but in the courts. If I go to trial, it will be a political process, and with me there will be millions of citizens. ”

Not only. The League leader gives “cowards” to the majority parties: “If they want to send me to trial do it immediately, without waiting. They are men without honor and without dignity ”. These are the tones and in the meantime the battle continues at Palazzo Madama. The first to speak is Pietro Grasso, member of the Board for Authorizations, even before the Bureau meeting: “Today’s behavior will say a lot about the impartiality of President Gasparri in evaluating all the requests in a balanced way, even those occurred after the first approval of the calendar: I hope he will continue to honor the position he holds ”.

In the end, the majority change their strategy and postpone everything to the group leaders’ meeting. Francesco Bonifazi of Italia Viva speaks: “The positions have crystallized and therefore for us the body that decides the calendar for the Senate is the conference of the group leaders to be held tomorrow. For President Gasparri no. Let’s see. ” Now the responsibility passes to the highest office.


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