Gregoretti, the date of the vote on Salvini depends on Casellati. Pd and M5s hope for the “Berlusconi quibble”


The government alliance Pd-M5s scrapes the bottom of the barrel to find a way to postpone the vote – scheduled for January 20 – on the request of the Court of Ministers of Catania, which asks to try Matteo Salvini for the case Gregoretti. In the Senate immunity committee there was nothing to do for the Giallorossi, who clashed hard with the president Maurizio Gasparri, according to which – regulation in hand – there is no valid reason to change the vote date.

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On Wednesday 15 January, Pd and M5s will try to raise the bar: as reported by the Everyday occurrence, will be asked directly in the conference of the group leaders of Palazzo Madama to move the decision after January 26, when voting in Emilia Romagna and Calabria. The majority therefore want to involve too Maria Elisabetta Casellati, which will have to clarify whether the suspension of the work in the week preceding the regional ones also applies to the Executive (Gasparri says no). The Done recalls a precedent of 2013, when the Senate was called to express itself on the decline of Silvio Berlusconi: there were several postponements, so much so that the vote, initially scheduled for October, took place only on 27 November 2013. The former prime minister therefore represents the last possible quibble to which the desperate Giallorossi try to stick.

In the video Gasparri defends the date of January 20. Source: Vista Agency / Alexander Jakhnagiev


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