Gregoretti case, no proposal to postpone the vote on Salvini | The Senate Group Leader will comment on the date


“For us, the body that decides the work is the leader of the Senate to be held on Wednesday, for Gasparri no,” said Francesco Bonifazi of Italia Viva. If for Gasparri, therefore, the Junta will be able to vote on January 20, as per the calendar approved by the Junta itself, for the majority the Juntas timetable is instead exceeded by the Senate calendar, which sees work stop for the Regionals from 20 to 24. The question will therefore be raised to the Senate Group Leader.

Lamorgese: “Nobody can escape the law” “I believe that none of us can escape the law.” So the Minister of the Interior, Luciana Lamorgese, replied to “Eight and a half” to a question on the request of authorization of the court of ministers to proceed against the leader of the League for the affair of the Gregoretti ship. “A former minister – he added – goes before the court of ministers and then it will be decided whether he should be tried or not.”

Lamorgese then launched a further hit to its predecessor. “I believe that an interior minister must not speak much but must operate. The role of the Interior Ministry is a guarantee role and the minister must be out of the scene”.


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