Gb tests for a ‘vaccine’ against cholesterol are underway – Medicine


The British government will kick off this year a great trial of a new cholesterol drug that from the first tests seems to be able to halve the value of the ‘bad’ one even in people on whom statins do not work with just two injections year, which is why it is called a ‘vaccine’. The first 40,000 people, explains the BBC, will be treated this year thanks to an agreement signed between the National Health System (NHS) and the Novartis company.
The therapy works with two injections per year, and according to the first tests it gets the desired results in a few weeks. The molecule, incisiran, is an inhibitor of a gene called PCSK9, which is also the target of other drugs developed by different companies, and allows the liver to absorb more ‘bad’ cholesterol. The first phase of the test, which will be limited to England, will be attended by subjects who have not had a serious cardiovascular event but are considered to be at high risk, but if the outcome is judged positive, the use will be extended, including at least 300 thousand people. “This collaboration – said British Health Minister Matt Hancock, has the potential to save 30 thousand lives in the next ten years, and is proof that Britain continues to be the main destination in the world for the most advanced assistance. “.



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