GAZZETTA – Gattuso against journalists: controversy! Remember what he said? Words must be measured


La Gazzetta dello Sport analyzes Gennaro Gattusos statements after the match against Perugia, valid for the round of 16 of the Italian Cup.

Today ‘s edition of the Gazzetta dello Sport, in the space reserved for football, pays particular attention to the outburst of Gennaro Gattuso who, after the match of Napoli against Perugia in the Italian Cup, wanted to clarify that he never said anything against Carlo Ancelotti. Here is what we read: “Just over a month in Naples and there is already controversy. Rino Gattuso obviously has it with journalists. He did not like the considerations made on some of his declarations released in the Olimpico press room, after the defeat remedied against Lazio “.

“That evening – you read in the newspaper -, the Neapolitan coach said: “Napoli must return to being thinking, as it was up to two years ago”. Well, there was no need to reflect, the reference to Carlo Ancelotti’s work was quite clear. That gloomy face enclosed his bitterness caused, according to him, by what was published in the newspapers. “Before asking questions, I wanted to say two things, otherwise I will start to answer only yes or no,” he said to the reporters. «I don’t like toys. The other day I said that we hit rock bottom, we have, not that Ancelotti hit rock bottom. I didn’t bring it up, Ancelotti for me is a football father. I said that we have changed methodologies, we play differently, I have not offended him, while you write that I massacred him. This is not a good thing, otherwise I too will lack respect ». But how did he talk about a team he hadn’t thought of for two years and now he’s there to give the journalists a sermon? Eh no, that’s not good, the words you have to know how to measure them to ask for correctness in reporting them “.


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