Doing laundry at high temperatures? It is dangerous to health, that’s why


How many pitfalls hides doing laundry. The garments can dye, not come perfectly clean and often to be sure of a good result and good sanitation we wash the garments at high temperatures. A study by the University of Furtwangen (Germany) warns. Washing clothes at high temperatures increases the number of bacteria in our washing machine. The frequent use of high temperature programs for washing clothes, favors the proliferation of bacteria inside our appliance. This is because a warm and humid microclimate is created that is very popular with bacteria. the research is only at the beginning, since washing clothes at high temperatures is still one of the best solutions for the hygiene of clothes, as underlined by the coordinator of the study.Read also: >> VERSA OF VINEGAR IN THE WASHING MACHINE, HERE IS WHAT HAPPENS: THE TRICK THAT DEPOPLES


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