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To buy a Rolex for $ 345 in the 1970s (which certainly was a good sum at the time: about a month’s wages) and then find out, forty years later, that it is worth 700 thousand dollars instead. It happened to a man from Fargo, in North Dakota, who participated in the PBS series “Antiques Roadshow”, a popular program that crosses America “in search of hidden treasures”: it works like this, those who think they have a precious object at home take it to PBS experts who evaluate it and possibly help it sell it.

In the case of the owner of the Rolex, a veteran of the US Air Force, the host of the program asked the experts of the format to evaluate his unused Rolex Oyster Cosmograph. The answer went far beyond his rosy predictions: $ 700,000. The military said he had bought the mail order watch, intending to use it for diving, but then, after seeing it, he had changed his mind, convinced that it was too good to take it in salt water. So he closed it in his drawer and didn’t think about it anymore. Until the arrival of the gentlemen of PBS in Fargo when he was curious to have him evaluated. And to discover that you have a treasure at home.

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