Billy, a koala symbol rescued from fires in Australia with burnt legs, has died


Billy lost his battle: one of the symbol koalas who had been saved from the fires that devastated Australia died. It had been found about a month ago with severe leg burns. His photos with bandages had gone around the web but, despite the efforts of the volunteers of the Adelaide & Hills Koala Rescue, the burns on the legs were too serious and the stress suffered due to the fires probably contributed to the worsening of his conditions.

“Hello to all. We have some very sad news to share with all of you. Dear Billy did not arrive at the end of his recovery journey. It was going so well, until one day no more. One early morning, as the sun rose and the birds began to sing, he closed his beautiful eyes and went to sleep – writes the Adelaide & Hills Koala Rescue on Instagram -. The stress of her experience in the fire proved to be too difficult for her little body to cure. His nurses have broken hearts, but they console themselves by imagining seeing him climb a big tree in the sky. Thank you so much for your love for him. Sleep well Billy, we miss you. ‘

The release of a koala after healing it from burns in Australia

Billy had become the symbol of the recovery center’s fundraiser and his story had helped raise over 210,000 dollars that are and will be useful to help all the other animals that are still being treated in the recovery center. Hope in the future, in memory of Billy.

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