Bibbiano, what (really) was discovered during the investigations on the custody system in Val d’Enza


The prosecutor of Reggio Emilia has concluded the preliminary investigations in the context of the investigation ‘Angels and Demons’, on the alleged illicit custody system in Val d’Enza. Notification of the notice of conclusion of the investigations for 26 suspects, as well as all the documents, including telephone and environmental wiretaps, were filed.

The position of four suspects was removed, for one of whom the plea bargaining request was accepted.

For various reasons they come contested to the suspects the embezzlement of use, abuse of office, violence or threat to a public official, false expert opinion also through deception, procedural fraud, misdirection, disclosure of secrets inherent in a criminal procedure, false ideological in public deed, mistreatment in the family, serious injuries, private violence, attempted extortion, aggravated fraud for obtaining public funds.

As explained by the Reggio Emilia prosecutor, the charges have even increased during the investigation, an investigation that has allowed not only to confirm the accusatory hypotheses already recognized by the investigating judge in the precautionary phase, but “to integrate the evidentiary framework in relation to some not recognized by the investigating magistrate during the issuance of the measure and also to identify new cases“.

Bibbiano, mayor investigated for abuse of office and ideological falsity

In particular, as regards the mayor of Bibbiano and the delegate of the Union of Municipalities Val d’Enza to the specific matter of social policies, Andrea Carletti, the hypotheses of the crime of concurrence in abuse of office and forgery related to the financial statements have been confirmed. “Both unfounded hypotheses – points out his defender Giovanni Tarquini – as we have always said and as already pointed out at the time, these hypotheses of crime concern technical-administrative aspects and that do not concern relations with minors”.

According to the accusatory system advanced by the Reggio Emilia prosecutor, the mayor of Bibbiano was “fully aware of the total illegality of the system” and “of the absence of any form of public evidence procedure aimed at entrusting the public psychotherapy service to private subjects” .

According to the accusation, Carletti “by making use of his qualification, he contributed in accrediting and thus making possible the permanent establishment of three private therapists of the non-profit organization Hansel and Gratel within the premises of the public structure of the Cura, whose institution he had personally taken care of and assumed authorship in several public occasions, for the purpose of performing, for consideration and in the absence of any title, the piscotherapy activity with minors in charge of social services“.

Always according to the accusation, the first citizen “he also supported, in the permanence of these illegal conditions, the activity and expansion of the powers in favor of the Hansel and Gretel study center also through public conferences organized in Bibbiano, of which he himself made the speaker and in which they were invited to participate (paid ) Two of the suspects“.

Bibbiano, investigated the psychotherapist Claudio Foti

Among the 26 recipients of the notice of closure of investigations there is also the psychotherapist Claudio Foti. In the provision signed by the deputy attorney Valentina Salvi, Foti is accused of having altered “the psychological and emotional state of a minor“by submitting it”with tight seats, through suggestive ways“.

“as a psychotherapist appointed by the ASL to hold a training course concerning therapeutic sessions with the minor and, subsequently, continuing these sessions with the minor at the Cura, pending the civil trial incardinated at the Juvenile Court of Bologna concerning parental suitability, with the simultaneous prospect of appointment of a CTU in relation to parental capacity assessments and ritual checks on the minor about the desire to reconnect the paternal relationship “, to have,” in order to mislead the CTU and the Judicial Authority “, altered” the psychological and emotional state of the minor “, subjecting her” to tight sessions, through suggestive and suggestive modalities, with the deliberate formulation of questions on the subject of sexual abuse and thus generating the belief that she was sexually abused by her father and partner “leads to the minor” and thus entrenching a net in the minor refusal to meet the father who was declared fallen from parental authority “.

Among the 26 recipients of the notice closing the investigations of the Reggio Emilia prosecutor’s office, also a manager of the social services of the Val d’Enza. According to what the power of attorney contests in the provision, it would have allowed a parent to meet their children only on condition that “the younger son was subjected to a path of specialist psychotherapy with Foti”.

“As Manager of the Val d’Enza Social Service” he would therefore have carried out “suitable acts unequivocally directed to force him to give the aforementioned consent, in order to provide Foti Claudio with an unfair profit (equal to the fee required for the therapeutic sessions € 135 per hour) “.


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