Australian Open; smog from fires, Melbourne delays matches – Tennis


Fire effect also on the Australian Open of tennis, and now even the players are starting to be afraid. The Melbourne tournament opens the annual Slam series and started despite the emergency, but the effects of the smog hood were immediately felt: the qualifiers scheduled today have been delayed by 2 hours, Nadal and other aces have decided to train indoors instead of outdoors and Maria Sharapova had to stop her charity meeting. Many tennis players protested, asking for the cancellation of the qualifying day.

In particular, Slovenian Dalila Jakupovic, number 201 of the WTA ranking, was forced to abandon her match due to a strong cough attack, related to his saying to smoke in the air. “I was really afraid of collapsing: this is dangerous for us athletes “, his words. The Melbourne authorities have advised the population to stay at home, where possible.” I am shocked, “added the Luxembourgish Mandy Minella, joining the tennis choir who complain that they had no say in the choice to play anyway, despite the fact that their representative, Nole Djokovic, had postponed a postponement of the tournament. “And what the organizers say about the health of those who work here, in particular the boys who play ball boy? “, tweeted Minella. In the next few hours, in any case, I am rain and wind forecast able to wipe out the smoke over Melbourne.


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