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It is very likely that by browsing online you came across advertisements on the online trading, sometimes of well-known and influential intermediaries, but just as often of unknown companies and associated with unrealistic weekly earnings. For those who have no experience of investments and stock markets, online trading may seem a complex activity and beyond its scope, but with IW Bank of Ubi Banca this is not the case.

The term online trading generally refers to the trading and exchange of various types of financial instruments made on the Internet, from a computer or a mobile device. Through an authorized intermediary, and thanks to special platforms and a specially opened current account, it is possible to make investments from home, buying and selling shares, bonds, futures, currencies and commodities. With online trading you earn the same way as with the traditional stock exchange: for example, buying an stock at a certain price and reselling it at a higher price, but also doing reverse transactions such as short sales (short selling), selling financial instruments that you do not own, with the aim of repurchasing them at a lower price.

Online trading has grown a lot in recent years, because it has given everyone the opportunity to access and negotiate independently on the global financial markets, from home or on the move thanks to a simple platform or application. Of course, it is not as simple as buying a random bundle of cryptocurrencies and hoping that they will magically increase in value: that is, what made a piece of the editorial staff of the Posts to the golden times of Bitcoins. Although simple and attractive, blindly investing in cryptocurrencies when they had heard about it even the isolated tribes of the Amazon was not exactly a great idea, those editors admit today.

If a time to make online trading was required huge starting capital and information possessed only by professional operators, now those who are taking their first steps can start even with a small amount of capital and learn how markets and financial instruments work thanks to the many many training contents available online. Likewise, online trading platforms may seem too complicated at first, but don't be afraid of the large amount of features available. The secret to starting well is to take one step at a time, following the guides and training (online or in the classroom) that the financial intermediary offers together with the platform. IW Bank provides four different, suitable for different needs and at various levels of experience and familiarity with the instrument.

The idea of ​​searching generically on the Internet for information on the differences between financial instruments, on the functioning of the markets or on the correct way of using the platforms could discourage someone. Precisely for this reason, IW Bank offers a free training service called IWTradingMaster, dedicated to both newbies and to trader more experienced, with video lessons on demand dedicated to these and other topics. Those on the bull and bear market, in particular, would be useful to the editors of Posts who considered December 2017 a good time to buy Bitcoins.

Precisely because online trading is now within the reach of anyone with an internet connection, it is a phenomenon that has raised some problems. As in all financial investments, with online trading you can lose money: more easily than traditional investments, since it is a sector in which you often act alone, and whose practicality can push impulsive decisions. Those who trade online know that the psychological aspect is very important: when you invest your money in the financial markets, many emotions come into play, such as the fear of losing money, anxiety due to uncertainty and desire uncontrolled to earn more and more.

Whatever the amount of capital invested, it is not possible to eliminate these emotions entirely, but they can be kept in check by rules. To keep a clear head in online trading and always make prudent choices it is necessary to set precise limits and rules: the most important, valid in reality for all investments, is never to invest more than one is willing to lose. Setting limits, and respecting them, is fundamental to being able to fruitfully approach online trading, as well as the study of the subject.

IWBank offers two account profiles for trading based on your needs: IW Account and IW Trading Account. The first allows operations on 30 of the so-called "cash markets", ie those in which the financial instruments are sold in exchange for money and are delivered immediately. The commissions of this profile are partly fixed and partly variable.

The second profile, IW Trading Account, also allows access to 10 “derivative” markets, ie those of instruments such as i futures or the options, which derive from other underlying assets. In addition, it gives the possibility to access other "advanced" services, such as IW Scalper and IW SuperScalper, which allow for example to "operate with leverage". It means buying or selling financial instruments up to 20 times above its capital, in different time slots calls in long, short, intraday and overnight jargon. IW Conto Trading also has Derivatives and SuperDerivati ​​services, designed to exchange options and futures also with “mini intraday margins”, that is with lower disbursements than those normally required, to open positions that will then be closed at the end of the trading day. IW Account Trading's commissions are adaptive, that is, they adapt to what is invested.

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