Wedding proposal in the House, church and restaurant had already been booked for some time


But then, why that blatant gesture by the Northern League deputy? Want to be the protagonist of the Carroccio exponent? Wish to give your wedding an at least unusual setting? Or what else?

Restaurant already booked "La Stampa" and "Corriere della Sera", who even know the name of the restaurant that will host the party after the celebration, "U Cian" ​​by Isolabona, reveal the background of the story linked to the exponent of the Carroccio. And the priest who accompanied them in their pre-marital preparation, Fr Salvatore, who guided them along with five other couples on a journey that ended on Sunday.

Wedding in Ventimiglia on 5 September Even the wedding date has already been known for some time: Elisa and Flavio will get married on September 5th in Ventimiglia, in the Cathedral. So? The Honorable Member, who made the proposal while the funds were being discussed for does not give any sign of "repentance" and actually adds to the dose: "I have been with Elisa for years. It is clear that we have already spoken of marriage in the past "But there had been no official declaration of marriage, and I had not given her the ring. I did it on that occasion, in Montecitorio. It was a genuine gesture." A proposal that seems rather strange, with the date of the wedding in the church already set and the restaurant already booked. What has filtered is that the local leaders of the League have not appreciated the gesture, while the national ones have not yet spoken. Di Muro, however, assures: "I decided everything without telling anyone."

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