Warm the house and the heart with a designer fireplace


The blaze of flames and i firebrands that sizzle happily in the hearth have a almost magical power: they captivate us and would let us watch without interruption for hours. The fireplace since always it dominates in the stays of the most refined houses, but today it also becomes the protagonist in minimal environments who love the sobriety and elegance.

A small box: in houses with dimensions that are anything but important, the corner with the fireplace draws the attention of those who allow themselves a relaxing break on the sofa. Without invading space, the fireplace with its contrasting frame fits into any context and manages to be discreet, functional and elegant at the same time.

Full-wall: furnish with taste, fitting a wall with a fireplace with an essential design, but of considerable size, it's easy. For a conversation corner that invites to a prolonged stop and in a large and bright living room, the rectangular-shaped fireplace carved into the wall is scenographic and effective for properly heating rooms even when temperatures are rigid and almost polar.

An original mosaic: the majolica cladding is replaced in the more contemporary version by ceramic tiles in the neutral shades of beige and gray. Perfect for living areas that appeal to tradition with relaxing armchairs and ottomans.

Urban retro: even in the most modern rooms, which are obtained from renovations of old industrial buildings, the reference to tradition becomes the leitmotiv of the furnishings. Alongside even daring solutions, the warmth of an antique-style fireplace cannot fail to give the apartment that touch of warmth that, especially in homes with a metropolitan vocation.

Total white: if white is the color that characterizes our home, whether by stylistic choice, or because the dimensions of the house are contained, or because the brightness is the most we love in our home environment, the fireplace fits in discreetly emphasizing the centrality of the flame between the seats of opposing sofas or in the corners of the living room, once again giving warmth and hospitality to homes where "less is more".

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