Vittorio Feltri, the difference between Salvini and the sardines: "Because hating is not a crime, but a right"


If I look through the newspapers I find paginates dedicated to hatred, as if it were a national emergency. If I watch TV, I notice that, on any network, this feeling is discussed in alarmed tones. Every public and private discussion ends up treating the issue of growing bitterness in our country which also has other problems. Meanwhile, I would like to point out that detesting a person or a party or a group of individuals is not prohibited. In fact there is no crime of hatred for which each of us is free to despise anyone at will without incurring the rigors of the law. The haters have the right to practice how good they are in their executions, whether they are addressed to their wives, children, relatives, all or others, including political opponents.

To prevent a man or a woman from having a strong dislike of one's fellow man is foolish, as it would be to forbid him to love him and sacrifice himself for him. What hatches in the soul of a living being can sometimes be unseemly or even vile, but it is unquestionable if it does not result in violent actions and contrary to the provisions of the penal and civil codes.
If I am on the bales Di Maio and Scanzi I do not boast, but not for this I have to be censored. It is my business and mine alone, not punishable in regulatory terms. Among other things it seems to me that I have understood that, in this situation, it is permissible to curse Matteo Salvini is Giorgia Meloni, which all those of the left do, while it is forbidden to disdain the fish in the barrel, that is the sardines, or Zingaretti and his troupe of ex and post communists. Why weights and two measures? I can't convince myself that there is good and bad envy. I abhor all those who hate and yet do not condemn them.

by Vittorio Feltri

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