Vittorio Feltri: "Giorgia Meloni is a force of nature, her interventions are punctual and irresistible"


Vittorio Feltri comments the response of the leader of the Brothers of Italy a Giuseppe Conte in the Chamber, after being accused by the premier of spreading false news: "Giorgia Meloni it is a force of nature, its interventions are punctual and irresistible ", writes the director of Free in a post published on his profile Twitter.

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"Conte fills us with lies along with all his government," Meloni replied: "Conte read 44 minutes of parliamentary reports and then contradicted what his government did." And again: "On December 11th we see what Luigi Di Maio does, what the M5S does … Enough with proclamations: bark at the moon in the newspapers and hide with your tail between your legs inside the Palace. If you really believe that this treaty as it is cannot be signed, show it when parliamentary documents arrive because the treaty is perfectly amendable and Italy can still stop it, and it is she who decides it, Di Maio. , show that your chair is worth less than the savings of the Italians ".

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