Vision of Super. The new look that ignites!


A clever combination of exclusive details is pure creativity gives rise to futuristic garments, which respond to the needs of a young audience, social and always updated on new trends.
There Flames collection represents the most iconic design of the brand and combines the heritage of Made in Italy with the best printing and embroidery techniques … for an outfit that inflames!

Who are Dario Pozzi and Mirco Bandini? What are your origins and what was your training path?

Dario: 33 years old, graduated in accounting with marketing and digital courses behind him. I worked as a sales manager for an electronics company and sales manager for one of the leading agencies in the fashion digital world. Currently founder of Vision of Super, Delicatezzen (brand in the lifestyle world), Rhizome (perfume brand), Mattmoro (leather footwear brand) and Phobia (brand streetwear).
Mirco: 24 years old, I admit to having hardly taken the diploma as a graphic designer, the study has never been my forte. As a child, the road created me and gave me a more realistic view of life. I come from nothing, or perhaps from less than nothing, and that's why I've always had the hunger to turn my life, that of my family and that of my friends. At 19 I decided to leave my home town of Faenza, entering what could have been my real habitat: Milan. I have always been noticed and this led to the meeting with Dario, who immediately gave me confidence like no one before. Today I am Founder of an online e-commerce (Concept Store), partner of Dario in Vision Of Super and Phobia, and finally I have my own brand as a consultant for activities and campaigns in the digital world.

Where does the passion for fashion come from?

Dario: I've always had a passion for fashion. As a boy I dreamed of fulfilling my dream and creating a brand that people loved and recognized not as a simple brand, but as a community. Moreover, I am a big fan of rock music and I believe that music, in general, influences fashions a lot.
Mirco: From an early age I have always cared for my outfits. By nature, I never suffered the prejudices of others and this led me to develop a strong awareness of the freedom to express myself in various fields: fashion, art, entertainment and social media. When you are not influenced by anything, you have the power to create and firmly carry forward what you want. These dynamics have led me to mix my various passions, coagulating everything in a single profession, which today is the reason why I get up in the morning, my daily work. I have never had inspirations or characters that have influenced me in my intentions … everything was born spontaneously within me.

When and how was the Vision of Super project born? Why the choice of this name?

Dario: The project was born in June 2018, after months of careful analysis of teengers' behavior and fashions. The idea was to provide a high quality product, both in terms of graphics and materials, all at an affordable price. In this market I immediately noticed a potential that is still unexpressed, as there was no "cool" brand at an affordable price. VoS wants to be a strongly social addicted project. In the past I often used to answer chats and messages, using the flame symbol or the word Super. So, what name could have been more suitable than my "vision" of what I really consider social? The words I used in that context best express my conception of something super … "Vision of Super".
Mirco: Dario has developed the recognizability and uniqueness of the brand, developing a concept that made me fall in love from day one. I, in this case, did not create anything, I "only" strongly believed in his idea, to then make what my ideas were and all those personal contributions I could give to Vision of Super. When a project does not belong to you right away, it is not easy to make it become its own, but Dario has given me confidence and has recognized the freedom to lead the future of the brand with him (something not everyone). This allowed us to create strong synergies between us, completing what was missing.

What are the essential characteristics of your creations?

Vision of Super is based on 3 fundamental elements: unique, limited and exclusive: unique and recognizable garments, very often in limited edition, distributed in well-selected stores and with excellent quality Made in Italy. During the growth of the brand, other aspects have been introduced, but we prefer to let us savor our news slowly …

Where does inspiration come from? Skate, rock and street culture how much does it influence your fashion concept?

Vision of Super is totally influenced by music, a mix of rock and rap / trap. We strongly believe that fashion is born and grows parallel to music and that the two must go hand in hand. We study the clothing of so many artists, rework it and interpret it according to our vision. Then there are other secrets of the trade, the analysis of what customers want is fundamental and, above all, the cultures of the environments in which people move.

Why the flames?

We wanted to be recognized with a strong symbol, that remained in people's minds even more than our logo. An immortal symbol, which could be revisited and re-presented in its various nuances in every fashion period. Now the goal is to make people understand that Vision of Super is fire and flames, but not only …

What importance does Made in Italy craftsmanship have for you?

Is critical. We only address Italian companies that produce high quality garments and can guarantee us high standards. Our producers work with very famous luxury brands and are used to supplying a product of a certain level. We want the customer to be amazed and to compare our quality with products from other brands that are much more expensive and established. This is just the beginning, we will focus on studying the production market more and more, to optimize the quality / price ratio of our product.

Your brand has been chosen by many very different talents and celebs, including, for example, just to name a few, Dani Faiv, Inoki, Sfera Ebbasta, Matt McGuire of Chainsmokers, JBalvin, Elettra Lamborghini, Fishball, Rocco Hunt, Mambolosco and many others. But, more generally, which audience do you address?

Vision of Super is born to be a brand that is aimed at a young target 15-35 years, passionate about fashion and who follows the evolution of it on social and web. Ours is a versatile image and several generations, as we have noted, are easily reflected. It's great to see 16/18 year olds wearing our outfits and comparing them in the same way with 25/30 people wearing Vision of Super.

Who are Dario and Mirco in private life? Interests and passions in your free time?

Dario: I am a former basketball player, now I dedicate my life to my company and my family: Federica, my partner and Mirtillo, my French bulldog.
Mirco: Being a very curious person, I have always known how to look around, approaching different worlds. At the time of middle / high school I had a very differentiated / troubled journey, going from making graffiti to playing as a DJ in some nightclubs, ending up then transferring everything into photography and videomaking.

Projects and dreams for the future of your brand?

Dario: We would like to make our community (#VOSPEOPLE) ever more unique and close-knit, which revolves around Vision of Super, the goal for 2020 is to confirm ourselves as a brand in Italy and develop new markets. We already have many stores in Asia, Russia and Europe, but we want to become an international brand in every respect.
Mirco: I will look cheeky but, forgive me and let me add this little intervention: in life I need to think big. If it were not so, I could not even do something big because I just didn't go any further! By the end of 2020, Vision of Super will surely be one of the most well-known brands in Italy, but you will see that you will hear so much from abroad as Dario has anticipated. We are very happy with the development and above all the exponential growth that has existed up until now, but it is only the beginning, the great things are yet to come. This is a small grenade, the atomic bomb is still to be dropped!

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