Very true, the dramatic story of Ilaria D'Amico: "My mother wanted to abort me"


Ilaria D’Amico, guest for the first time tomorrow at very true, confessed to Silvia Toffanin a delicate personal story that marked her deeply: "My parents had a very conflicted relationship, there was already my sister and they did not want other children, but when they had a rapprochement my mother became pregnant with me. A life that came but that was not required, so much so that she he thought of having an abortion. He asked a doctor to terminate the pregnancy, but on the morning of the operation he called her to tell her to postpone the appointment. At that point he canceled everything because that was the signal he was waiting for. And here I am! "

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TO Silvia Toffanin who asks about the relationship with Gianluigi Buffon, arrived after a painful separation for both of them, Ilaria replies: "Gigi and I met because we were in the same emotional situation, suffering from great suffering, deep crisis. When we saw each other we felt the need to tell ourselves like open taps and we realized that something had happened inside us ”.

And about what made her suffer more than the attacks suffered at the beginning of their history, she adds: "In Italy there is the stereotype of women wrecker, there is no male consideration. There is always this idea that men are there candid in their happy life and that women arrive with malice and malice to tear them from their families. This made me suffer because it wasn't like that. "

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