Veronica Pivetti, very private confessions: "How to do it at age 54"


Veronica Pivetti writes an erotic-comic novel: "I do not mean to give pearls of wisdom, but to face lightly and make people laugh about a topic that is a taboo: sex at 50 from the female point of view". Is called For women only, published Mondadori, in which "without inhibitors or modesty, tells the story of five friends, economically independent, without children, master of themselves, with different experiences, amorous adventures and misfortunes". On Print, the actress and presenter tells the details: "I wanted to hear someone talk about how women of this generation live sex. I address this issue openly. I know I'm taking a huge risk because I give an image of me different from the one that the general public is used to, but I decided to tell the truth with a language that belongs to me, not vulgar but frank. And what I tell is true, it belongs to my life ". But how does Veronica feel in her body?" At the age of 54 she is very skilled, strong and active. We don't say stupid things that at 50 the woman goes out. Simply change ".

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