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Narvalo, the 'unicorn dog' in search of a new home, will remain in the shelter that saved him. This was decided by Rochelle Steffen, the founder of Mac's Mission, the association that helps puppies with special needs, after death threats arrived on social networks and addressed to the puppy.

"He did the x-rays and a veterinary examination, he is perfectly healthy, there is no need for surgery to remove the tail he has on his forehead".

Someone wrote that the 11-week-old puppy's head should be trampled "with a boot because it's not one of God's creatures," Steffen told on Wednesday. Another person said that Narwhal's extra tail was "one of Satan's horns," he said.

The story of Narvalo comes from Jackson, capital of the State of Missisipi, where the volunteers of the association found him in the street, saving him from frost. The puppy has a curious peculiarity that makes it unique in the world: a small tail on the forehead. This characteristic earned him the name of Narvalo just like the Arctic cetacean with a long tusk that gave birth to the unicorn legend. The photo of the dog ended up on social networks becoming viral in a few hours. Narvalo was immediately renamed by thousands of users the unicorn dog.

Steffen said he had received hundreds of questions to be able to adopt it, but then he feared that someone just wanted to take advantage of his physical appearance. That's why he decided to train Narwhal as a pet therapy dog.

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