USA, impeachment against the president. Pelosi: "Democracy at risk", Trump: "Shame on you"


WASHINGTON – "His actions have seriously violated the constitution, our democracy is at stake and the president leaves us no choice but to act." This was said by Nancy Pelosi in the statement broadcast today live on television after recalling how in "no one in America is above the law, the president is not above the law". "Today I ask our committee presidents to proceed with the impeachment articles," the Democratic speaker said without specifying anything about the timing of the vote for the indictment.
But today's announcement increases the chance of it happening before the Christmas holiday break."The democrats, idle and far-left, have just announced that they will try to accuse me of nothing. They have just abandoned the ridiculous" thing "of Mueller (the Russiagate investigation, ed.), So now they hang the hat on two totally appropriate (perfect) phone calls with the Ukrainian president, "Donald Trump replied on Twitter, arguing that" this means that the important and almost never used impeachment act will be used habitually to attack future presidents ".

With the indictment of the House, made today by speaker Nancy Pelosi, the impeachment investigation for Donald Trump enters a crucial phase. The members of the classroom will express their opinion on the articles for the indictment of the American president, who for the Democrats has put pressure on Ukraine to obtain a personal advantage in view of the 2020 presidential elections.



Impeachment, Donald Trump is now in trouble: "His directing of the Kiev-gate"

For approval, a simple majority of votes is needed: being 435, half plus one, 218 will suffice. In the Chamber, the Democrats hold the majority with 233 votes, against the 197 of the Republicans. An independent and four vacant seats complete the count. Representatives will vote for each individual article, so there may be a situation in which impeachment is voted but not for all articles that dispute "criminal conduct" or "illegitimate". Writing articles is a key step in the impeachment procedure. The American constitution establishes that the crimes for which incrimination can be triggered range from betrayal to corruption to "other serious crimes and misconduct". The president is not officially indicted until the Chamber votes, by simple majority, the approval of the articles of impeachment.The approval of the impeachment, according to what the constitution establishes, opens the final process that will take place in the Senate where two thirds of the votes of the hundred senators are needed to remove the president of the White House. But in this congressional body the majority is Republican, with 53 votes against the 47 Democrats. To get Trump's removal, liberals need 67 votes.

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