United United-Tottenham, former Mourinho cites Mandela: '' I never lose: either I win or I learn ''


MANCHESTER – It is undoubtedly Manchester United-Tottenham the big match of the 15th matchday of the Premier League, a round that is played between Tuesday and Thursday. On the one hand, there is Jose Mourinho, three victories in three games since he leads the Spurs, who returns to what exactly a year ago was his home, and the other who took his place, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer , but that with a desolate ninth place in the standings has the bench that is hot.

Mou as Mandela: "I win or learn"

On the part of the Special One there is no resentment when speaking of his two and a half years experience in Manchester, indeed. "Returning to Old Trafford is returning to a place where I was happy, I have a great relationship with Manchester United fans. I have already returned as a commentator and I was honored by the welcome I received. United is a closed chapter for me. I took the time to analyze everything that happened and prepare for the next challenge. " And then he cites Mandela: "I never lose: either I win or I learn. At United I won and I learned. Now it's not up to me to analyze the Manchester moment, I just have to understand how we can beat him".

Eriksen to the farewell

There is also talk of the market and expiring contracts of Eriksen, Alderweireld and Vertonghen. The British tabloids report in particular that the Danish midfielder would by now have decided not to renew, with Inter and Juve at the window already for January. Mourinho slips: "If I told you that I hadn't talked to President Levy about it, I'd be lying to you. We're talking about it, as I'm talking to the players. All three of them are ready to play and forget the contractual situation and this is the most important thing, because we play on three fronts and they are great players, I trust them ".

Solskjaer: "Exonerate? Brazen lies"

Returning to the challenge of the Old Trafford, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer plays a lot. On the other hand, seeing Manchester United in ninth place with just 18 points is pretty bleak. The former Molde coach, who replaced Mourinho just a year ago, had a big impact but this season the results are modest. Yet he does not want to hear about a dangerous bench: "I'm fine, no problem, really. Sometimes you read certain things and it makes you smile: here there are no anonymous sources, only blatant lies. With the company we always talk, we are carrying on a reconstruction, we have taken decisions that we thought were necessary and obviously we are not happy with where we are but we will continue to work ". There will be no Pogba, stopped by September ("it is not ready yet"). Solskjaer closes talking about the Special One: "He will be well received, the fans remember that he won trophies here".

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