Undignified remuneration, the revolt of the justices of the peace: strike from 6 January for three weeks


Peace judges on a war footing after the last "unsatisfactory" meeting with Justice Minister Bonafede on 4 December last. On the table the requests that for years the justice of the peace have presented to the various governments that take turns: in particular the recognition of the status of workers with all the guarantees due to them and a worthy and dignified remuneration.And a new abstention from hearings, after the one from 25 to 29 November, was called by the associations ANGDP (National Association of Peace Judges) and UNAGIPA (National Union of Peace Judges). It will only be a partial block in the period between January 6th and February 1st 2020. During abstention, essential services will be guaranteed in the manner and within the limits set by the self-regulation codes.

In a long letter to the minister, the justices of the peace underline their disappointment and "the bitterness dictated by the observation of lost time in the hope of receiving justice from those who ask us to guarantee justice. The disappointment is fueled exponentially by the awareness that even this minister uses the spectrum of accounting requirements to conceal the desire not to change anything ". Such, according to the justices of the peace, would be a modification to the system dictated by the Orlando law that did not take into account the ideas offered by the associations, on a few but essential well-known points. In practice, the letter reads, the reform project does not differ in any way from the expenditure forecast of the previous minister Orlando: "Change for nothing change. This is the ministerial attitude that, after having reduced
unilaterally "downward" a stretched agreement on basic reform points, left the clause "unless agreements" empty. It appears evident – the letter continues – the desire to let the Orlando's collapse run its course from 2021, retouching here and there a plant that remains unchanged, to the detriment of a category exploited in some cases up to death, without a thank you if not merely a facade ”.

"Let us clarify why governments' attention is always given to temporary workers but never to honorary magistrates, rejecting the sender every legitimate request for the protection of the right to his own future and to just remuneration with a refusal always based on false problems".

"Certainly – the letter concludes – the honorary magistracy does not intend to passively pretend to be excuses and does not turn on the other side today to demand the right treatment after decades of service, after hours and life sacrificed to the service of the State". To the justices of the peace comes the support of the ANM that already a year ago had hoped that the necessary funding could be found, "moreover estimated in figures of no particular impact on the state budget".

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