They fight over the will, the 82-year-old father stabs his son in the throat: arrested


An 82-year-old man was arrested in Milan for the attempted murder of his 53-year-old son, stabbed in the throat during a fight that broke out over disagreements over a will. It happened at 11.50 yesterday, but the news was released only today by the carabinieri.The 53-year-old was transported urgently to the Citta Studi clinic where he was operated on the pharynx. At the moment it would be out of danger. The assault took place in the course of Plebiscites, immediately after hitting the child (who has precedents), the elderly man left, only to later establish himself a few hours later at the Monforte police station. He also brought the used knife with him. The judge, by virtue of his age, granted him house arrest and ordered the seizure of the hunting rifles he had at home.

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