The weather forecast for tomorrow, Wednesday 4 December


Weather forecasts for Wednesday say that for once it will be a nice day for everyone, with the only exception of the Sardinians and Sicilians. In the morning sunny weather is expected almost everywhere, and rain in the Olbia area; in the afternoon there will be some clouds over the regions facing the northern Tyrrhenian, and it will be cloudy even on the islands; in the evening it will start to rain both in Sardinia and in Sicily, and will cloud over almost the entire peninsula; finally at night it will continue to rain always in Sardinia and could even get worse in Calabria and in Salento.

The weather forecast for Rome

In Rome the first real cold of the season will come, Wednesday: the weather will be clear but the minimum will be 5 degrees, while the maximum will be around 11 degrees.

The weather forecast for Milan

In Milan, in the meantime, it will be even colder than usual: minimum at 1 degree and maximum at 5. However, it will be nice all day, except for a few fogboards in the morning and evening.

The maps and forecasts come from the site of the Italian Air Force, what you have to visit if you want reliable forecasts (and slightly updated compared to those in this article) and stay away from unnecessary alarmism.

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