The United States has proposed a tax on French imported products such as wine and cheese


The US administration of Donald Trump has proposed to tax up to 100 percent certain products imported from France including champagne and cheese, in response to the introduction of a "web tax", that is, a tax on American internet multinationals, which will hit among others Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon. The rates proposed by the United States will come into force in the first few months of 2020, after a period in which their effect will be assessed. It is estimated that they can reach 2.4 billion dollars of products per year.

The dispute between the French and US governments has been going on since August, but a 90-day truce was called to reach an agreement: the deadline, however, passed on Monday without an agreement being found. The tax approved by French President Emmanuel Macron discriminates, according to Trump, US companies. Robert Lighthizer, US trade representative, warned that tariffs could be extended to other European countries that are considering a "web tax" such as Austria, Turkey and Italy.

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