The suggestion of Salvini and Di Maio and the temptation of the anti-urn front. The fear of a new axis between the two


There liason between Luigi di Maio is Matteo Salvini it doesn't have to be completely over, according to Newspaper on newsstands Tuesday 10 December. Not that it is a probable scenario, but many in Parliament have begun to observe with some curiosity the strange balance that has been created in the last few weeks between the two former government allies. Not only convergences, as happened on Mes, but also a certain cordiality. Thus, in a policy that is now fluid beyond the limit of human understanding, there is that in the Pd – and also in Forza Italia – someone starts to fear there is something below. The doubt has made it clear a few days ago the red Velina, a historical daily political note by Pasquale Laurito, dean of parliamentary journalists. Which, perhaps even a little as a provocation, does not "a priori exclude" a flashback between Di Maio and Salvini.

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And that is why someone off the Nazarene fears that the two might go back to winking if they really come to a government crisis. The theme of the estate of the executive, it is well known, is on the agenda in the Democratic Party where we are confronted with the opportunity to move forward on a path that until today has been disastrous. If really in January the dem came to the conclusion that it is better to call each other out, however, a sudden M5s-Lega axis would block any hypothesis of early voting. Of course, it would be difficult for Salvini to explain a similar choice and probably it would not even be in his interest to postpone a vote that according to current polls would see him clearly victorious. However, among the center-right parliamentarians there are those who maintain that the leader of the League badly endures the growth of consensus of Giorgia Meloni who – if confirmed in the polls – could become a cumbersome ally.

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