The news broke, the alarm about aluminum in the kitchen: shock investigation, the deputy minister spoke


Tonight a Strip the news (Channel 5, at 8.35 pm), Max Laudadio returns to work on the relationship between food and aluminum and interviews the Deputy Minister of Health Pierpaolo Sileri, which states: "After the services of Strip, the Higher Institute of Health has deepened the research and confirmed that there is a phenomenon, called "migration", which produces concentrations of aluminum in the foods with which it comes into contact. We must inform the population and therefore on the website of the Ministry there will be indications on how and when to use this metal in the kitchen. For example, don't keep your baby's sandwich wrapped in aluminum foil for hours.

Sileri makes an appeal also to the companies that produce the aluminum paper: "We need the help of everyone because a wrong use can harm health. Furthermore, the Ministry has written to the European Commission to bring this issue to the meetings on food safety ".

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