The boys of Cagliari in Bethlehem, football and solidarity with the Christmas Peace Cup


In the field for peace, in memory of Davide Astori. The Christmas Peace Cup was played in Bethlehem, a charity and solidarity match that saw the running and entertainment of Davide Astori Playground, a group of Cagliari youths and a mixed team of Israeli and Palestinian children, united under the flag of peace. The main political and religious authorities of Bethlehem were present. A morning of football and celebration, dedicated to sport as a factor of union.

"We are back in the field named after Davide Astori that Cagliari has created together with Fiorentina and Assist for Peace" explained the secretary general of the Sardinian company Matteo Stagno. "The memory of Davide is fundamental, we are talking about a person we have known well from both a sporting and a human point of view: a boy who has always been a bearer of values ​​such as union, friendship and inclusion, which we want to be always present in this field and in this community ".

The camp dedicated to the unfortunate former defender of Cagliari and Fiorentina, who died in 2018, was inaugurated six months ago thanks to the initiative of the two companies and Assist for Peace, the charity founded by the Piedmontese manager Luca Scolari. A facility for five-a-side football, the only one open to everyone, without distinction of religion, ethnicity or the city of the Nativity. The delegations also visited the Basilica and participated in the lighting of the Christmas tree. In 2016 Assist for Peace had already created a football field in Jerusalem, in the Armenian quarter within the walls of the Old City.

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