The big words between Trump and North Korea


In a statement released by da KCNA, a North Korean news agency, North Korean foreign minister Choe Son-hui has insulted US president Donald Trump, who called North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un "rocket man" on Tuesday man rocket », an expression already used in the past on several occasions. Choe said:

"If at a crucial moment such as this, they are used for the umpteenth time, deliberately, expressions that excite the atmosphere, then it is really a question of the senility of an old recidivist bacucco"

The expression "at a crucial moment" refers to the attempts that North Korea and the United States have been making for over a year to relax bilateral relations and find a solution for the so-called "denuclearization" of North Korean territory. Recently the negotiations have entered a deadlock and North Korea has started testing short-range ballistic missiles again, provoking criticism from the US government.

Choe's words were much talked about because it was a long time since the North Korean regime was openly critical of Donald Trump, who in turn had used words of friendship with Kim Jong-un in the past. It is not even the first time that North Korea defines "old bacucco" Trump: it had already happened in 2017.

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