Swimming, Absolutes: historical record for Martinenghi. With Quadarella it flies to Tokyo


RICCIONE – The first day of the Winter Swimming Absolutes gives the first two passes for the Olympic Games of Tokyo 2020. Nicolò Martinenghi and Simona Quadarella conquer them, both great protagonists today falling below the time limit imposed by the Fin.

Martinenghi and Quadarella are already in Tokyo

Martinenghi of Fiamme Oro / NC Brebbia, after qualifying in the morning for the final of the 100 frog with a time of 59 "67, amazes everyone, triumphing in the final with a time of 58" 75; first blue to go under the 59 ″ wall, improving his own national record (59 ″ 01) that resisted from Indianapolis 2017. For the record the rest of the podium is composed by Federico Poggio (59 ″ 58) and Fabio Scozzoli (59 "80). There was great anticipation also for the race that closed the first day of the finals at the Swimming Stadium in Riccione, the 1,500 meters for women with Simona Quadarella who gets free at the first opportunity to go to Tokyo. The world champion wins in 15'57 "18 and the" Games "for the Aniene bearer are made. Martina Caramignoli did not make it, instead, she remained below the limit up to 1,300 meters and then yielded, closing second in 16'04 "62. However, for the Fiamme Oro / Aurelia Nuoto swimmer, the speech is only postponed.

Speech postponed for Pellegrini and Detti

No pass even for Martina Carraro and Arianna Castiglioni, who close the final of the 100 frog in the first place on a par with 1'07 "20, a time that is not enough to go to Japan. Among the titles assigned on this first day also that of the 50 female style. Federica Pellegrini, best time in the batteries with 25 "36, is second behind the Italian record holder Silvia Di Pietro, who wins with an excellent 24" 95, 11 cents from her record. The Carabinieri / Aniene bearer thus repeated the title previously won in the 50 butterfly races. The title in the men's sprint race goes according to prediction to Luca Dotto (Carabinieri / Larus Nuoto) in 21 "99, ahead of Leonardo Deplano (CC Aniene) second in 22" 11 and Alessandro Miressi (Fiamme Oro / CN Torino, 22 "18 ). Gabriele Detti won the overall title in the 400 meters, but he must fight to the end to counter the attack brought him by Marco De Tullio. For the Leghorn champion (Army / In Sport Red Rane) the time of 3'47 "04 is not enough to close the practical Olympic qualification, but to exceed by 14 cents that of the bearer of the Fiamme Oro / Sport Project, yes. On the third step of the podium is Matteo Ciampi (Army, 3'47 "41).

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