Striscia la Notizia, the scoop that Rai earthquake: "For what they have allocated 4 million euros"


On the evening of Wednesday 11 November, a Strip the news – broadcast on Channel 5 at 8.35 pm -, the envoy Pinuccio returns to take care of Rai and in particular of the funds that the public TV allocates to means of transport used by employees and collaborators. Despite the recent statements by the CEO Fabrizio Salini (he said: "It is difficult to manage a company that is not sure of resources: we are responsible for reducing costs and cutting waste"), the reporter from Strip the news documents like Rai, although it has a fleet of more than 1000 vehicles, has budgeted also 4 million euros for the NCC (rental with driver), 80 thousand euros for car sharing and 217 thousand euros for 8-seater minibuses. All without considering good taxis that are provided to employees and blue cars to managers. All these shifts how much they weigh in the pockets of Italians? An answer that will give the satirical news conceived by Antonio Ricci, with great discouragement of the Viale Mazzini summits.

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