Stockholm calls the Space Station, three Nobel Prize winners to talk with Parmitano and Meyer


STOCKHOLM – The Earth is so beautiful to push us to discover other planets and to be able to discover one capable of hosting life would change our perspective: these are the first bars exchanged between astronauts Luca Parmitano is Jessica Meyer, in the first connection between the Space Station and the Nobels, organized by the European Space Agency (ESA). The astronauts greeted Didier Queloz is Michel Mayor, authors of the first discovery of an exoplanet, e Stanley Whittingham, to which we owe the lithium batteries which earned him the Nobel prize for chemistry. The direct line between the Nobels and the Academy takes place and starts the Nobel Week for the celebrations related to the delivery of the prizes.

The findings of the three Nobel Prize winners were crucial to the work of the International Space Station. In fact, Mayor and Queloz will be awarded for having discovered the first exoplanet in orbit around a Sun-like star, called 51 Pegasi, and raises the eternal question about the presence of other life forms in the universe.

Cosmology and exoplanets are among the key themes investigated during ESA space missions and the Cheops mission will start on December 17th. A dialogue with Parmitano and Meyer will also include the Nobel Prize in chemistry for the development of the lithium battery and Jessica will be able to tell in first person how she helped install the new lithium batteries during her recent 'walk' in space.

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