Spal-Brescia 0-1: Balotelli is decisive this time. Petagna, another bitter rigor


FERRARA – Corini returns and Brescia returns to victory. Double shot of the Swallows who, after six defeats in a row, take the 'Paolo Mazza' 1-0 and overtake the Spal, now last in the standings. Decisive Balotelli, author of the winning goal, and Joronen, who saved a penalty to Petagna (the second consecutive error of 11 meters). And to think that both were in doubt on the eve.

Goal canceled to Kurtic

Simple abandons the consolidated 3-5-2 for a 4-3-2-1 with Kurtic and Jankovic behind Petagna, Corini uses the same form and recovers both Joronen and Balotelli. The first 45 minutes are affected by the importance of the stakes with the defenses that prevail over the lackluster attacks. At the half-hour, from the developments of a corner, Kurtic finds the winning deviation but the exultation remains strangled because the referee rightly cancels for a millimetric offside. It is the only emotion of the first half.

Balotelli does not forgive

In the second half, which began with the same men, Brescia wasted a triple chance at the 49th minute: Balotelli walled up by Berisha in the area, then Torregrossa didn't reach the ball and Bisoli shot high for Eugenio Corini's regret. However, the guest advantage is only a matter of time: at the 54 ′ counter-attack triggered by Romulo, whose cross is deflected by Joronen: Ndoj arrives on the rebound, triggering Balotelli, whose shot from a tight angle goes into the goal.


Brescia, Corini: "I suffered after the exemption". Balotelli: '' European? I dont think about it''

Joronen hypnotizes Petagna

Alberto Paloschi's entries into the field are never trivial, as the flashing goal in a famous Milan-Siena game in 2008 shows: the former Chievo, who has just entered, earns a penalty after contact with Magnani, but Petagna nullifies everything from the disk, making himself hypnotized by Joronen. For the former Atalanta striker is the second, very heavy, error from 11 meters after the trip to Udine. So many physical clashes and little order in a tense final game with 7 minutes of recovery. Precisely in the penultimate of these, Cionek has the golden ball for a draw but Cistana puts the big stick on it, saving everything, on the other side with an empty goal because Berisha was in the area Donnarumma spoils the 2-0 by throwing him at Missiroli. Not bad because Brescia gets 3 points of vital importance: overtaken the Spal which is now last in the standings. Eugenio Corini's winning return after the exile lasted three days: the Swallows have shown that they cannot disregard their 'Genius'.SPAL-BRESCIA 0-1 (0-0)
SPAL (4-3-2-1): Berisha; Cionek, Vicari, Tomovic, Igor; Missiroli, Murgia (41 ′ st Moncini), Kurtic; Valoti (13 ′ st Floccari), Jankovic (25 ′ st Paloschi); Petagna. On the bench: Thiam, Letica, Valdifiori, Salamon, Cannistra, Tunjov, Mastrilli. Coach: Simple.
BRESCIA (4-3-1-2): Joronen; Sabelli, Cistana, Chancellor, Mateju; Bisoli, Tonali, Ndoj (21 ′ st Magnani); Romulo; Balotelli 7 (26 ′ st Aye '), Torregrossa (34 ′ st Donnarumma). On the bench: Andrenacci, Alfonso, Gastaldello, Spalek, Zmrhal, Mangraviti, Morosini, Viviani, Martella. Coach: Corini.
REFEREE: Orsato of Schio.
NETWORK: Balotelli at 54 '.
YELLOW CARDS: Cistana, Vicari, Kurtic, Cionek, Magnani and Joronen.
CORNERS: 2-1 for the Spal.
RECOVERY: 1 ′ and 7 ′.

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