Sonia Bruganelli, the crooked phrase that Paolo Bonolis' wife is lynched again on social media


There is no peace on social media for Sonia Bruganelli, the often criticized wife of Paolo Bonolis. This flies however does not end up in the viewfinder for having shown off the luxury that surrounds it, the main reason why the haters prick it, but for a rather blatant spelling mistake: "It's another journey, put it this way", he wrote Bruganelli putting an apostrophe too many. And, on time, the followers went wild: "Spelling this unknown";" Superb, but take away the apostrophe I adjure you ", commented two of the many. All, incidentally, occurred while her husband, Paolo Bonolis, was home to Mara Venier for a touching interview during Domenica In, on Rai 1.

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Following is the offending post by Sonia Bruganelli:

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