Senate, three 5S to the League. There are also those who wrote anti-refuge laws


ROME – On 23 February 2018 the jurist from Campania Ugo Grassi wrote a long post on the Blog of the Stars to defend the clause that asks M5S parliamentarians to pay a fine of 100 thousand euros in case of "change shirt". Yesterday, the same senator announced his entry into the League. This was followed by colleagues Francesco Urraro and Stefano Lucidi, an Umbrian senator at the second legislature, with ideas of the right, but a great supporter of the alliance with the PD at the regional level. Matteo Salvini welcomes them with open arms. Luigi Di Maio attacks: "They tell us how much a senator costs per kilo. Compared to Salvini, Berlusconi was a rookie". The minister accuses the defectors of lack of dignity. But Grassi and Urraro chose them, candidates for single-member constituencies among civil society, at the complete discretion of the political leader. He trusted so much, that at first he asked to write the act of impeachment for Sergio Mattarella, in the days when he had proposed the prosecution. "I'm not a constitutionalist, but I think there are all the extremes," Grassi had said Republic, before his leader changed his mind.The fear of the 5S in the government, and of the Pd, is that the three are just the tip of an iceberg that threatens to shatter a ship already in bad waters. "We are all so weak that we cannot break something that is already broken", says former minister dem Marianna Madia in front of a glass of water, the buvette. The air is such that the team of facilitators chosen by Di Maio, to vote on the blog until tomorrow, is the photograph of the 5 most uncomfortable stars with the Conte bis: among the six which will be entrusted with the organization (a "price list") blocked "against which the vice president of the European Parliament Fabio Massimo Castaldo thunders) there are in fact Ignazio Corrao, the MEP who did not vote for the von der Leyen commission (he was not sanctioned and is now rewarded amid the bewilderment of many), l 'former minister Danilo Toninelli (who for months ago with Barbara Lezzi and the dissatisfied majority of the yellow-red majority), then two iron "casaleggiane", Enrica Sabatini and Barbara Floridia, and as the only representative of the "fireplace" that gave thread to be twisted at Di Maio on the latest choices, starting from the regional one, the only vice president of the Senate, Paola Taverna. Excluding the parent company in the Lazio Region Roberta Lombardi, too independent and perhaps too convinced of the alliance with the dem. Excluding all elected representatives close to the president of the Chamber, Roberto Fico, worried in these hours especially about the vote in Emilia Romagna and the possible consequences. Also excluded, but by choice, Alessandro Di Battista, who has new projects in mind and would be ready for a new start. It will come back into play only in case of new elections. Judging by the fears, an eventuality not so far away. Both the 5 stars and the PD suspect that there may be an agreement between the leader of Italy Viva Renzi and that of the Lega Salvini to go to the vote. It was a Carroccio emissary who warned the Nazarene: "Renzi asked us for help to stop the Spanish model and the 5% barrier. In exchange, it would drop the government". Of course, the threat could be false, but it is a fact that both Zingaretti and Di Maio are taking it very seriously.

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