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Last call, really, to pay the scrapping-ter payment and the balance and write-off. Those who have not done so until now have the opportunity to get in order until next Monday 9 December, thus avoiding losing the advantages of the facilitated definition and resumption of recovery actions by the Revenue Collection Agency. Payments also online on the Agency website.The postponement of the law
It is possible to pay until next Monday, even if the installments expire on 2 December, because even for the scrapping, the so-called tolerance for late payments provided for by law n. 136/2018. In this case, since the last of the five days foreseen falls on a Saturday, the term automatically shifts to Monday 9.

Who should also skip this appointment, instead, will lose all the advantages of the facilitated definition, the debt can no longer be divided into installments and the collection agent will have to resume recovery actions.All payment options
It is not necessary to go to the counters to make the payment. In fact, various channels can be used, including online, even on Saturdays and Sundays. In particular, you can pay at the bank, at ATMs (ATMs) enabled by CBILL payment services, with your internet banking, at post offices, at tobacconists belonging to Banca 5 SpA and through the Sisal and Lottomatica circuits. Payment possible also on the portal and with the Equiclick App via the PagoPa platform.

Yes also to compensation with certified credits
Finally, it is possible to regularize by compensating with non-prescribed trade receivables, certain liquid and payable (c.d. certified credits) accrued for administration, supplies, tenders and services to the Public Administration.
In all cases for payment you must use the Rav bulletins contained in the "Communication of the sums due" sent by the Revenue Agency – Collection together with the overall payment plan.

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