Sardines, whose wife is the woman with the veil that insults Matteo Salvini: behind Hamas


"The young woman who spoke narrowly in the hijab at the" sardine "event in Piazza San Giovanni is Nibras (not Nibran as written by some newspapers) Asfa, wife of Sulaiman Hijazi, with whom there is no need to show full solidarity of intentions ", declared Lucio Malan, deputy group leader vicar of the Forza Italia senators, in a statement.

"Hijazi declares himself", continues the forcist, "in his own Facebook profile, a member of Hamas, the Palestinian organization considered terrorist, among others, from the European Union, the United States, Australia, Jordan, Japan and the United Kingdom, which has the goal of destroying the State of Israel, considering 'every inch of the Jewish state occupied territory'.

"It is very serious that the" sardines "," he concludes, "give ample space to this woman, after proposing to abolish hatred and violence, both physical and verbal, from politics".

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