Sardines, the political scientist Tarchi falls silent Santori: "Fashion phenomenon, only slogan. How it is destined to end"


The big scam of sardines "Non-party". Second Marco Tarchi political scientist and professor of political science at the University of Florence, it is "a fashion phenomenon", neither more nor less. And therefore destined to disappear quickly. "The sardines – explains in an interview with the Newspaper – they should have ideas, visions of the world and not just slogans ". Instead they are just a phenomenon" full of moods but scarce in content, which proclaims itself non-partisan but actually gathers clips from the various radical lefts, whose slogans recall, as he admitted some days ago, the same leader in a radio broadcast the repertoire of social centers: no borders, LGBT rights, feminism, indiscriminate reception of migrants ".

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Unique glue, be against Matteo Salvini to drain those "off" votes to the institutional left and to Pd first. Like all collective movements, however, according to Tarchi the movement organized in early November as a Bolognese flash mob from Mattia Santori and three other friends "will progressively shift from euphoria and protagonism to division and marginality". That they are a left-wing regurgitation is made evident by a fact: "We are still at the stage of utterances limited to a single target, Salvini, and to some of the pillars of theestablishment, Pd in ​​the head, there is no real hostility "and this is the real big difference with the 5 Star Movement of the origins. There remains a very big limitation: "Beautiful politics should have ideas, projects of societies, visions of the world, action programs, not just slogans – concludes Tarchi -. It may be that this movement will produce them, but it is certain that, as soon as it will specify goals and motives, it will begin to unravel, at most the time of an electoral campaign will last ".

In the video of Agenzia Vista / Alexander Jakhnagiev, Roberto Fico wishes the sardines: "Stay free and away from the parties"

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