Sardines, Mauro Corona in Cartabianca: "I would vote for them right away but I'm afraid they'll end up like the Democratic Party"


Mauro Corona, host of Bianca Berlinguer to White paper up Raitre, speaks of the movement of the Sardines, the phenomenon born in Emilia Romagna, which by now everyone, but above all on the left, seem to like: "I would immediately vote for sardines", the writer announces, "but my fear is that they end up like others, like the Democratic Party", sinks. Of one thing Corona seems really certain, that it is young people who have to take charge of the country. "Young people must take the leadership of Italy. They have intelligence, imagination, study, courage", the writer underlines. There is only one danger, he warns: "The risk is that they get too much on TV".

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