Sardine, Mattia Santori shoots big: "Here is our program, we aim at 25%"


Returning to the squares as soon as possible: this is the goal of this meeting in which we met, "said Mattia Santori at the end of the first national meeting of the promoters of sardine manifestations. In Rome, around 150 promoters of local square initiatives participated that were held this month.

The meeting, held behind closed doors, was held in Spin Time Labs, a sort of social center, a stone's throw from Piazza San Giovanni, where about 150 families live, complete with an auditorium where cultural events are organized.

At the entrance, a large banner: "Viva le sardine, down with mackerel". Some guys at the door report that this is basically a first physical contact between those who only communicated on Facebook this month. A meeting, therefore, purely organizational, during which we will discuss together to make an initial assessment of the events, on what has worked more and less. The same sources also maintain that neither the decision nor the debate on the possible presentation of lists to the next regional elections is on the agenda. The meeting should end around lunch time.

"Our goal is superior to an Italian out of 4," says Santori, commenting on "Mezz'ora in piu" on Rai 3, the poll according to which an Italian out of 4 could be interested in their movement.

"Our next step is to return to the territories" from January. "Particular attention will be paid to the upcoming elections in Calabria and, above all, in Emilia Romagna". This is read on the Fb page "6000 Sardine". It announces "attention to the suburbs, to small towns and provinces. One of the goals until the end of January will be to reach as much as possible territories that, often because in difficulty, have proved to be more vulnerable to populist tones": in the ER there will be initiatives "in the "low", in the hilly and mountain areas ".

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