Sardine, for Mattia Santori the kiss of Pisapia's death: "If they ask me I will give my contribution"


Giuliano Pisapia does the endorsment for the sardines, after the demonstration on Sunday 1 December in Milan. It does so with an interview on the Republic. When asked what he thinks of the square in Milan, the former mayor replies: "Beautiful, as were those of Bologna, Modena, Parma and other cities. Tens of thousands of people who decided to participate in the rain, to say with force a no a Salvini and to the sovranisti, but above all to address an invitation to those who believe in good politics to give themselves a shock. Milan confirms, even today, how the defense of democratic values ​​and social cohesion is well rooted in this city ".

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Did he remind you of other squares or other movements? "Yes, of course, but I don't want to make comparisons with the past. The freshness and spontaneity of the four organizers and the participants in the demonstrations are important, in many cases coming from experiences in the social sphere. They are girls and boys, young and less young, prepared, attentive, who are asking everyone not to let their guard down and who are waiting for a response to their desire for commitment for a better society.These squares are not comparable to those of the "vaffa" of Grillo and are different from those of girotondi ". Finally, if asked if he will confront them, Pisapia does not hold back: "Of course, as I have always done and I continue to do now in the European Parliament. Their freshness and ideals are the necessary sap to start a new democratic season of our If I am asked, I will give maximum availability and contribution, but it is they who must become more and more protagonists. The message of the squares is not anti-political, but of those who strongly believe in participation and the common good for good politics ".

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